Sustainably Smarter Signage

With just a ‘Tap or Scan’ of our laser engraved ‘Sustainably Smarter Signage’, ecoPUK provides the seamless delivery of content to mobile devices.

We work with our partners to provide highly interactive, mobile digital experiences and our solution allows content to be managed and changed over time without the need to re-deploy signs or power any traditional electronic information screens. This highly cost beneficial approach simplifies the lifecycle challenges many corporations face every 3-5 years. It also importantly addresses growing sustainability and environmental concerns around powering an estate of digital panels across an organization.

Case Study:

AstraZeneca PLC

(Global Proof of Value)

Overview: AstraZeneca’s Ambition Zero Carbon commitment.
Industry: Pharmaceutical Solutions: Sustainable room booking panels and in room help.
Benefits: Reduction of cost to lifecycle global estate.Reducing the CO2 output equivalent to ~251 flights from London to Washington. 

Ambition Zero Carbon
Case study: Powering off digital booking panels.  Partnering with 22Miles, we are providing our susainable signage and integrating Carry2Mobile as part of the global “Workplace of the Future” room booking strategy for AstraZeneca PLC. The project will look to move away from traditional digital booking panels for meeting rooms and replace them with a fully managed digital experience, which is accessed by a simple ‘Tap or Scan’. The sustainability doesn’t stop outside the room, as we are also providing signs to provide in-room digital help guides, again powered by 22Miles Carry2Mobile service. 

22Miles + EcoPUK

Building partnerships that guide organizations to achieve their most ambitious outcomes. 

Create a touch-less touch experience with the 22Miles mobile app or mobile HTML and ecoPuk room to desk sign integration. Automate room check-in, enable occupancy-based booking and highlighted huddle space reservations. Dynamic wayfinding to allow employees to be more agile in any large workplace and visually understand space availability and smart pathway, reducing the stresses of searching through a large floor plan. 

• Meeting room & desk information and booking.
• Corporate Resources and in-Room Help.
• Find Nearest Available Rooms, Filter by Size and Type. 

22Miles best-in-breed. 3D Engine with hoteling and hotdesking features to create a visually dynamic routing to any live space booked on EcoPuk or reservation API systems with workplace floor designed wayfinding. All supported with O365, G-Suite, Teams, 25Live and even Exchange.

SideCar. Complementing existing tablets based solutions to provide a touchless mobile solution. 

Data-Driven Insights. 

Space utilization data insight dashboards promote workspace occupancy, employee safety, cleaning ready notifications, and office usability tracking results.