Sustainable Signage

With just a ‘Tap or Scan’ of our laser engraved ‘Sustainably Smarter Signage’, EcoPUK provides the seamless delivery of content to mobile devices. We work with our partners to provide highly interactive, mobile digital experiences and our solution allows content to be managed and changed over time without the need to re-deploy signs or power any traditional electronic information screens. This highly cost beneficial approach simplifies the lifecycle challenges many corporations face every 3-5 years. It also importantly addresses growing sustainability and environmental concerns around powering an estate of digital panels across an organization.

Our signage is made from high-quality, durable materials that are designed to last. Not only is it built to withstand daily wear and tear, but it's also sustainable, made from eco-friendly materials that are kind to the environment. Sustainable signage also helps reduce waste, since many of these materials can be reused and repurposed after they've served their purpose. This means less waste going into landfills and more materials that can be reused in other applications.

Integrated with: Carry2Mobile

Most organizational apps are a corporate based general info app, not a property specific editing app. Creating a unique, local app is one of the unique differentiators with 22MILES’s HTML5 features. 22Miles has the potential to work within branding standards and API integration with required corporate content. Additionally, each property is able to set their own local message, events, POS integrations, menus, and mobile wayfinding from any screen on the go.

Managed 'LiveLinks'

Managed URL links for QR (Quick Response) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies play a pivotal role in seamlessly connecting the physical and digital realms. These links, hosted on our dedicated platform, enable efficient and dynamic content distribution. By centralizing the management of these URLs, businesses can easily update and modify the associated content, ensuring real-time relevance without the need for physical changes to the QR codes or NFC tags. This centralized control enhances the agility of marketing campaigns, product information updates, and other interactive experiences. Moreover, analytics tools associated with managed URL links empower organizations to gain valuable insights into user engagement, helping refine strategies and optimize the user experience. Whether it's directing users to a website, video, or a specific app function, managed URL links for QR and NFC contribute to a streamlined and adaptable approach in the ever-evolving landscape of digital interaction.

Standard Design SKUs

Our off the shelf SKUs for that professioal touch

Our standard SKUs cover desk booking, In-Room help and also Room Booking. These are available in a variety of material finishes and in a variety of sizes from 50mm through 150mm. All our PUKs come with a 3M Self adhesive backing.

These also come with options for NFC and LiveLinks, which allow for URL management and statistics (annual subscription per PUK is required).

Material Swatches

Global Distribution Network

Leveraging our partnership with ShipBob’s extensive network of fulfillment centers, we offer a strategic solution for optimizing inventory management and minimizing shipping costs and transit times. By strategically splitting and distributing your inventory across our network, we ensure that products are stored in proximity to key customer bases. This geographical optimization allows for more efficient order fulfillment, reducing the distance traveled during shipping and consequently lowering associated costs. Additionally, the strategic placement of inventory helps mitigate transit times, ensuring that orders reach customers swiftly and reliably. Our fulfillment network not only streamlines the logistics process but also provides a scalable and flexible solution to meet the evolving demands of your business, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

EcoPUK – Sustainably Smarter Signage